CADANA: My name is George, the cat, 2010

My name is George.  

I am a cat.  I live with the staff of a female and a male humans who serve me food and clean the toilet.  In return, I do my best to help them keep their sanity. In this way, they save the cost of  an analyst.  They require a lot of work; because they live in an insane world of greed and vanity, gizmo and useless junk.  Reading the sad stories of my species on this newspaper every week, I felt compelled to write this letter.  

Human minds are so barbaric and primitive that to convince them to change their behaviors may be hopeless.  But I don’t give up.  I am making a male staff person transcribe what I need to say.  He, though basically a dimwit, seems to understand a little bit of our language.

Some humans throughout their history have apparently known that the cat family of the life forms have a far superior inner quality.  One of their holy books, I believe it is called the Revelation, compared their god-on-earth figure to a lion.  Lion is a cat.  What I don’t understand is: why did they choose the big predator among our species?  Size and violence are not the highest attributes of life forms; wisdom is.  We, the cats, just look at humans with contempt and disdain without word to make them realize of their idiotic tendency to resort to violence and self-destruction.  

We endure their cruelty to show them of their evil ways.  A story has it that one of their holy men died on a cross just to show humans of their evil nature and the way to salvation?  Didn’t another holy man gave up titles and wealth to show how to achieve Nirvana?  But humans don’t get it, do they?  They still think that power and violence, money and war, and other negative ways can achieve an ideal world.  I think they are doomed.  Guess, I will go with them, because I love them.

George the cat, transcribed by Tad Mitsui.

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