I love Canada because I was overseas

I love Canada more because I went overseas.
    I am not a supporter of Liberal Party, but the Conservative Party’s attack ad on Mr. Michael Ignatieff offends me to no end.  It accuses him of spending too many years overseas thus being not a real Canadian.  I too spent a decade and a half overseas, and I became a more enthusiastic Canadian patriot.  I forgot all the bitching I did about Canada.  When you are outside of Canada, you can not help but notice what a wonderful country Canada is.  I am not just speaking about natural beauty and wealth.  I am also speaking about our social-policy that demonstrates generosity and open-mindedness of ordinary Canadians.  What right does Mr. Harper have to criticize Mr. Ignatieff of being a less Canadian because he spent many years overseas and became an internationally renown scholar?  We should be proud of this Canadian’s achievement.
    When we were  in Africa and in Europe, we always looked for Canada Day parties.  When we could not find it, we organized it.  Every year on Canada Day my daughter sent a “Happy Birthday Canada” card to the Governor General.  Whenever she received the “Thank you” letters from Rideau Hall, she was so proud that she always framed them.  
    I did my best to work for the country where I lived as a Canadian, and hoped that it would enhance the respect for Canada overseas.  Are we not proud of many Canadians who made it big in other countries, even after they became dual citizens?  Are we not proud of Mary Pickford from Cardston, Keifer Southerland, Celine Dion, Peter Jenning, William Shutner to name a few. We claim them as our own?  Don’t we?
    Of course, that doesn’t mean they can automatically make leaders of the government.  We should look for other qualities: their quality in political skills and visions.  The length of their time spent overseas is not a liability. A mean-spirited personal attack is not Canadian.

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