Support the troops but question the wisdom of war



What distresses me is the fact that those who promote the "Support our Troops" ribbon denounce people like me who question Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan do not support our troops. But I say we can support the troops by questioning the policy of our involvement in Afghanistan. There have been many examples of brave and dedicated soldiers sent into battles, which were politically and strategically unwise and wrong. Sending Australians to Gallipoli, Canadians to Dieppe and Hong Kong were examples of politically and/or strategically unwise and wrong decisions causing enormous number of casualties. We honor their sacrifices and remember them so that we will not make the same mistakes. Isn’t it the best way to support our troops by avoiding abuse of their commitment, dedication, and valor which should be drawn upon fittingly to the cause of peace, security and welfare of our world?


As for Canada’s current involvement in Afghanistan, I do agree that the Taliban regime had to be overthrown, which had openly supported Al Qaida’s terrorist activities. Also we need to help people of Afghanistan to live normal and peaceful lives. They have suffered far too long mainly because of interference of outsiders. But I do question the wisdom of the use of the conventional and regular armed forces to fight irregular combatants who employ unconventional methods and ignore the rules of war. The record of the use of the armed forces in such a warfare is not good; in fact it is disastrous. Mighty armies of Britain, the USSR and the USA were defeated by ragtag bands of irregular fighters who carried nothing more than AK 47”s and hand-held grenade launchers wearing rubber tire sandals. I am not preaching morality here. I am asking a question of practical wisdom. I have a serious doubt about the use of the conventional armed forces against guerrillas.


I believe that the main weapons in such a warfare should be diplomatic and intelligence services and police. Al Qaida comes from Saudi Arabis and Talibans come from Pakistan; both are supposed to be Western allies. The conventional armed forces are ineffectual instruments to fight guerrilla warfare.

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