How can they deny facts such as Climate change, Evolution, and Holocaust?

Deniers of Climate Change, Evolution, and Holocaust.

How can they refuse to accept facts?

I was flabbergasted to hear that, in this day and age there existed a priest who still denied Holocaust ever happened. Incredible! Even more alarming is, though he was ex-communicated twenty years ago, Pope allowed him back into the church. I guess there are people whose minds are made up, and facts may not confuse their convictions. Also there are people who deny ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Evolution’. Incredible but true. Another example: I could not believe my ears when Stephen Harper said, as late as last fall, that there was little possibility of recession in Canada. But we still voted him into power. No wonder after 200 years after the birth of Charles Darwin, in spite of overwhelming scientific evidence to support his theory of evolution, there are people who believe that the world and everything in it were created by God in six days about six thousand years ago, because the Bible says so.

Of course, some people may think it is incredible that a relatively intelligent person like me still believes in God. I am happy to be living in a country where we don’t imprison people for ideas that are unacceptable to others. We should be grateful for freedom that allows us to say anything in public even when it sounds ridiculous. The debate between “Creationists” and “Evolutionists” can go on for ever. It doesn’t bother me. We are all free to make ourselves look silly. Chimpanzee may feel offended. But hey, it’s a free country.

However, I do take exception to the ideas that harm nature or incite hatred against some categories of people. Holocaust denial is one of them. It leads to hatred of Jewish people. I condemn that. Another is denial of climate change due to human activities. It hurts everybody and everything. But still some people seem determined to dismiss overwhelming scientific evidence and say people like David Suzuki are being hysterical. This is not acceptable, because it will lead to destruction of the world as we know it. The January 30 issue of the Guardian Weekly asked (Page 40), “What killer facts might silence climate-change deniers?” Someone from Australia answered, “Extinction.” But I don’t want to become extinct, neither do I want my grand daughters’ children become extinct.

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